• Cara Woodhouse

There Are Rugs... And Then There Are These Rugs!

I think rugs are one of the most important pieces that you will purchase for any space. People are always confused by rugs for some reason, they don't know if they should start the design process with a rug or make it the last piece they find for their space. I find myself putting together schemes for rooms I design both ways. Sometimes I will find an incredible rug first and it will start the entire design process and then sometimes it can be the last piece to the puzzle. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There are so many incredible rug designers and rug companies that I have been drooling over and I want to share them with you!

1. cc-tapis rug - Doodle Collection / Recycling Figure Rug by Faye Toogood

2. Stark Carpet - Rainer Caramel -not-

3. Disco Gufram - Dance Floor Mirage Carpet by GGSV - Via 1st dibs

4. Atelier Février - Nautilus

5. The Rug Company - Climbing Leopard by Diane Von Furstenberg